Ayung River Rafting


Enjoy Ayung River Rafting Adventure for a World Class Experience!

To achieve an exhilarating white water rafting Bali experience, you need to tread the waters of Ayung River. Ayung River rafting is suitable for all ages between 5 and 65 years, and all levels of rafting experience.

Adventure Bali rafting tour offers the longest course over this river and is only an hour drive from most of Bali’s tourist centres. We provide 5-star facilities and services, and high levels of safety, attracting many international personalities to participate in our rafting adventures.

We promise you a 2-hour action packed white water rafting Bali tour through a 9.6km river run with 33 class II and III rapids, dramatic drops, and spectacular views of some of the most unspoilt forest life, rice paddy terraces, and magnificent waterfalls.

At the end of it all, we provide you with hot showers, clean towels, and changing rooms to refresh yourself before enjoying our feast of hot gourmet foods in our private restaurant overlooking Bali’s majestic mountains and rice fields.

Here is an overview of what your Ayung River Rafting tour will include:

  • Complimentary air-conditioned return transfers via short scenic drive
  • A short distance to the Starting Point
  • A fast walk-through equipment outfitting
  • Instructions by experienced guides
  • Quick access to the river
  • International standards of equipment safety
  • Hot shower, clean towels, and change room facilities
  • Buffet lunch of gourmet Indonesian foods

For the best Ayung River rafting experience, we recommend you also:

  • Wear light clothes or bathers
  • Wear runners or strapped sandals
  • Bring a change of clothes and a small towel
  • Put on sunscreen and bring a hat
  • Avoid wearing clothes with non-fast colors

While there are several white water rafting Bali tours, not all are the same. Most are situated in various secluded areas of the island, which may require you to travel up to 5 hours on return bus trips. For a rafting experience closest to you, Ayung River Rafting is your best choice.

Please note that all rivers in Bali are class II and III rapids, but in the wet season (Nov-Mar) this may increase to a class IV.

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